Lights in the Dark at Imbolc The Wheel is ever turning, and here I find myself again, at Imbolc, the time of fire in the dark, the time when the quickening within the body, the soul and the Earth are palpable.  I cannot contain the movements that are stirring within me, and the movements around … More

Sacred Wild Week -Free Mini Course on Instagram

Sacred Wildness is: Wild Embodiment. Sacred Sensuality. Wild Presence. Sacred Authenticity. Sacred Reciprocity. Living within the Heart. Wilderness as Soul Guide. Soul Medicine. Spirit Guided. Inspirited, Living Land. Wild Earth. Plant Teachers. Animal Wisdom. Nature Communion & Communication.Everyday Sacred. Traditional Earth Skills. Elemental. Earth Medicine. Ceremony. Journey. Join Sacred Wildness for a FREE week of … More Sacred Wild Week -Free Mini Course on Instagram