The Elated Earth Giveaway!

I’m so excited to share with you a beautiful offering from Elaina Cochran of Elated Earth!  She has created a beautiful set of intentional mindfulness and meditation card decks, that I have been using myself for several months now.  She currently has three decks, and I like to combine the three, using the words and the photos side by side, as divination and food for contemplation on a daily basis.


Elaina’s photography is a simplicity at its finest, inspiring the soul to reflect deeply on the medicine of the Earth around us. And I can’t wait to share them!!


Together we have decided to offer an amazing giveaway of her THREE Elated Earth Decks – Breathe, I Am, & Refresh, and a copy of my Sacred Wild Invitations E-Book on Oct 31!



Elaina Cochran is a photographer, meditation guide, mama, and enthusiast of all things nature.  She believes that there is so much beauty and connection to be had in the world, if we would all pause, breathe and notice.

“My intention with Elated Earth mindfulness decks and prints is to provide a tool for deep healing and connection though capturing the beauty of nature.  It is my hope that they serve as a reminder of the splendor we are surrounded by everyday if we pause long enough to look.  As we deepen our relationship with nature, we heal ourselves from within and subsequently create space from which we can aid in planetary care and healing as well.”  Elated Earth on Facebook

2015-12-26 12.10.30

The Sacred Wild Invitations is a collection of daily or weekly prompts to engage you practices that connect your soul with the the soul of nature- to rewild your spirit and mind, and fill your heart with the healing connection with nature.

To enter the giveaway:

  • Comment below how nature helps you find balance.

  • Share this blog post on facebook or Instagram.  Please tag with #elatedearthgiveaway so we can find it!  This is important!

  • Follow both @elatedearth and @sacredwildness on Instagram.

  • Winner drawn from all entries on Oct 31!


3 thoughts on “The Elated Earth Giveaway!

  1. Nature is so pure and simple. When I need to clear my thoughts and find my peace, nothing g is better than heading outside to hear the breeze and feel the sun on my skin. It always immediately brings me back to life. I love taking a moment to actually stop and smell the flowers.


  2. The earth helps me find balance in many different ways… Walking barefoot on mother earth, hugging a tree, closing my eyes and listening to the insects , animals and the wind blowing through the grass and trees. Breathing in all of the smells of nature, the flowers, the Pineneedles, the cedar trees. Listening to the birds chirp and sing. Watching birds in flight. Listening to the squirrels chattering in their nest . Watching the sunrise and the sunset. Watching the clouds in the sky. Soaking up the sun on my face. Feeling the Gentle breeze across my face. Laying in the grass looking up at the stars. Gazing at the moon and the stars up in the sky. Taking leisurely walks. Listening to the water trickle down stream, over the rocks. Etc., etc. ..


    1. Nature soothes me when I allow my to do list to over take me.There is a 2 or 3 mile drive close to my house with no houses. The trees line both sides of the winding road and create a green canopy of tranquility, It is magical and restores me to a peaceful feeling of gratitude, I return home blessed & peaceful.


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