Your Wildness Compass

We are all on a journey to reclaim our sacred wildness, wholeness, and kinship with nature.  No matter where you are in this work, there is always another layer to shed, a deeper place to go to.

Find a place in nature where you can sit quietly. (This may be done indoors if necessary, but outside, even in your backyard or garden is preferable.)

Ground yourself, as described in the previous practice, or in another way that suits you.

Ask your heart to speak, ask the land around you to reflect for you.


Feel into the question,

“What does reclaiming and living in my sacred wild nature feel like?”

Try to stay out of your head. Ask the question as many times as you need.  Returning to your heart.  Allow the FEELINGS to come. Try not to label them just yet.  Feel into your innate wildness that you are moving toward.  What does it feel like to be within your sacred and wild self? Do memories of moments in which you had accessed it come? Grief over lost chances? Excitement, breathless, anticipation? Ask the land, the trees, the wind, the clouds, everything around you to reflect wildness for you.

If you need to cry, or laugh, or jump up and down or run in circles, do it.  Allow your body to embody the feelings.

When you have a clear feeling, ask yourself, your wild self, your wild hearted self for:

Three Guiding FEELINGS

Three feelings connected to your wild nature, that can immediately bring you back to your authentic, wild, sacred Earth Body, Heart, Soul.

Say aloud the first feeling, and take a posture that holds that feeling for you. Embed it into your cells & your heart.

Repeat for the next two feeling words.

Write the words down if you wish, but most importantly to is to recall the posture and the feeling it evokes in you.


These feelings are your guides to YOUR path to Wildness.  They will show the way.  When you feel uncertain, ask again, will this allow me to feel …..?  What does my Wild Self feel about ……?  Allow these feelings to be like the needle of the compass, pointing you in the direction you want to go.  These feelings are your bearing as you move through the world.  When you feel lost, disconnected, or confused, take the postures, evoke your wild self, allow them to inform you.

Before you leave, make sure to offer your gratitude to the Earth where you sat, either in words, breath, or with a small offering.

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