Soul Rewilding Challenge- the Landscape of Your Soul

It’s #sacredwildnesswednesday and time for the weekly Soul Rewilding Challenge!! To participate- work on the #rewildingsoulchallenge prompt below, and then comment below about your experience and/or post on your own Instagram feed about your experience and tag it #rewildingsoulchallenge


Today- step outside into the landscape you live in/on and take note of one or more major landscape features, a mountain, a river, a canyon, meadows, forests, shorelines. Sit down on the earth – hopefully within view of that landscape feature, ground yourself, and move into your heart center. Then ask this land feature, what is its lesson for you? What is its message? Why were you called to live near it? What or how does this land reflect something to you about your life and soul? 

I moved to northern Arizona two years ago- and literally find myself living on top of a volcano/volcanic field. Pictured here is sunset crater, which erupted and formed only 1000 yrs ago! To me it speaks deeply about my soul and practice to dig very deep into the creative source fire within me, and the Earth, and to bring it out into the world to literally build something new. It’s not necessarily about the violent eruption … But the creative POWER deep within that can shape and sculpt the landscape of my life. How bout you? Where Do you live and how does it reflect a message from the land to your soul/life? (Photo from Arizona Highways)




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