Lights in the Dark at Imbolc

The Wheel is ever turning, and here I find myself again, at Imbolc, the time of fire in the dark, the time when the quickening within the body, the soul and the Earth are palpable.  I cannot contain the movements that are stirring within me, and the movements around me in this country shall not be contained either.  We are in labor folks. These are the pains we suffer to bring forth that which has been slowly growing within us. We are about to birth a new world, but right now its hard to hold on.
I find myself daily, in tears, in frustration, in anger, in despair, turning again and again to the Earth to stay grounded, to find the light, to hold on to hope.  She rises up beneath me, no longer barefoot on the cinders because the snow has covered it over, but in the rising sap of the trees, in the trickling rivulets of melt carving canyons in the mud, she is reaching into me when I lay my body down into the cold snow, she is holding me.
It has been so for me at least, since the time I was small.  The magic of the wild places, the wild plants, the wildness within me that refused to conform or collude.
The Call of the Wildness is ever stronger…and in these times even more insistent.  The world is changing, and we are being asked to change with it, we are being asked to step up into our light.
I have never been an activist, and have certainly felt my share of inadequacy about what I haven’t done. But I am not a fighter…I have always been a healer, a beacon, a teacher…at times I have described it as a “harbinger of another way to live in this world.”  I fall outside the cliques and crowds, and I’m standing here on the edge, raw in my feeling the death throes and labor pains of this world.
This time is asking us become the lights in the darkness.  Imbolc, that time of darkness, when we light candles, we burn fires to keep the winter at bay.  This time when the sheep begin to lamb. This time when sap begins to rise for a new cycle.
How are you becoming a light?  What is your gift in this time of transformation?  How can you feed this fire? What can you offer the world to bring and share hope?
For me, the EARTH is my hope.  She who has nurtured us from single cells in a soup of unformed life to our current state of power…we have the power to destroy, but in that great power, there is always the flip side…if we have such power we can destroy, we must have an equal power to create.  It is the time we dream a new creation for ourselves, and our planet.
Find your light, find your HOPE.  Shine it out. Shout it out. Dream it into reality.
Become a light of hope, a beacon of a new world.
As we midwife this new reality into being…through the practicalities of politics, resistance, and tending our communities, I urge you to return to the EARTH, as often as you can, as much as you need.  Return to her LOVE and power.  We are a part of the Dream of the Earth.  We are the co-creators of this Dreaming.  She will support us, she will teach us, and she will show us the way.

So it is finally time for me to step into and share Sacred Wildness…a vision I’ve held since childhood, that has begun to move from gestation to birthing.  The quickening is here.  Sacred Wildness is:

Wild Embodiment. Sacred Sensuality. Wild Presence. Sacred Authenticity. Sacred Reciprocity. Living within the Heart. Wilderness as Soul Guide. Soul Medicine. Spirit Guided. Inspirited, Living Land. Wild Earth. Plant Teachers. Animal Wisdom. Nature Communion & Communication. Everyday Sacred. Traditional Earth Skills.  Shamanic Lifeskills. Elemental. Earth Medicine. Ceremony. Journey.

I hope you will join me in this reconnection with our wildest selves, with the wildness of the Earth, with our responsibility to be co-creators of this new world.   I want for each and every person to be able to feel the love and reverence for the Earth that has nurtured me so deeply. I want each and every person to be able to go to the wilderness, and feel the absolute imperative of protecting it, and its innate ability to heal our wounded souls.

If you feel called to connect more deeply with the Earth, your own wild soul, and reconnect the lines of communion of our human communities with the wild communities….join me in Sacred Wildness.

I’ve got free opportunities in the next week for you to explore more, and options for joining me in the wild for a pilgrimage to Sacred Wildness, and for working with the Earth and wildness from your own place on the planet.

Sending you hope and light…

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Shamana Flora Apothecary

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