Sacred Wild Week – Wild Earth

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Energetically Aligning with the Earth

Getting ourselves grounded and aligned everyday, is important basic energetic hygiene for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. There are many ways to do this, today I am offering you a practice that I use on a regular basis, which can take simply five minutes, or can be drawn out into a longer meditative practice.  This is based on practices and teachings from my work in the Andean Mesa lineage with the medicine people of the Q’ero in Peru, and other shamanic practices.  I’ve adapted it over time for my own use and share it with you now as a tool for plugging into the energy and support of the Earth on a daily basis.

We have a complex energetic anatomy, with chakras, and meridians, and layers in our energy fields, but this practice, while focusing on just a few spots, can nourish and tend our entire being- body and spirit.


Find a comfortable place to sit on the Earth outside. Even if there is snow or mud, find a place where you can connect to the Earth.

Tune into your three centers- the belly, the heart and the head- the place of action, feeling and wisdom, or body, soul and spirit. Take note of how each area is feeling currently without judgement.


Place your hands on the Earth and allow any and all heavy energy to flow out of your hands into the Earth, she who is the master composter and transformer of what is no longer needed.  When you feel complete bring your attention to your belly.  Begin to take deep three part breaths deep into your belly center. Start with 6-10 breaths.  I ask and pray, as I am breathing,  Earth, fill me and align me with your energy.  I envision the energy as a green glow from the Earth rising up through my perineum into my belly, allowing each breath to circulate, cleanse and align my belly center to the Earth. 

Repeat this breath and visualization, allowing the energy of the Earth to fill the heart, and then again to fill the head.

When you have completed 18-30 breaths ( you may do as many breaths as you like per center, I do it as long as I feel is needed, sometimes longer), sit and allow yourself to envision this Earth energy filling your three centers, and allow yourself to tune into how you are feeling now. Feel the alignment, the nourishment and the support from the Earth.


When you are finished, you may open your eyes, and find a way to offer gratitude to the Earth, leaving an offering, singing a song, etc.  Notice how you feel throughout the day. 

Repeat this practice daily if possible, adapt the practice to include your own breath work, or other energetic practices as desired.

Please share your experience with this in our FB group or on Instagram and tag #sacredwildweek!

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