Sacred Wild Week – Wild Divine

Creating space in our daily lives for spirit and for connection to wild divinity in the world helps us to maintain hope, focus and clarity in our intentions.  One way I like create this space and connection is through an altar to the Wildness. This wildness is the wildness that is within your soul, innate and alive, and it is the wildness in the world around you.

Perhaps you want to build an altar that focuses on your inner wildness or the ways you express wildness, or you may be drawn to build an altar that honors and connects you with the wildness in nature. Whichever you choose, today create an altar space that helps you to connect to the intention to bring Sacred Wildness into your daily life.  There are many ways to structure an altar, here’s one I use that you may like, or choose to adapt. 

wildaltarsqFour Directions/ Elements

South/Fire/Body/Inner Child

West/Water/Soul/Bone Woman(Death) or Anima/Muse

North/Earth/Heart/ Mother/Father


Place items on the altar that reflect these meanings for you. A shell, a feather, a volcanic stone, a toy, a bone, a cup of water. 

Find one representation for the center that reflects an intent/focus you are working with right now.  If it is rewinding your body, you may wish to place an item that represents that- a picture of a wild woman, or a bowl of nourishing wild herbs or food. 

If there is a part of nature that you wish to spend more time/intent in connection with- perhaps a sacred place, or a particular plant or animal teacher, you can place an image or item that represents that- a pine cone, or a stone from a sacred well, or a bone or tooth.

Please share images of your altars, if you feel comfortable/called to in our FB group or on Instagram and tag #sacredwildweek!

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