Sacred Wild Week -Free Mini Course on Instagram

Sacred Wildness is:
Wild Embodiment. Sacred Sensuality. Wild Presence. Sacred Authenticity. Sacred Reciprocity. Living within the Heart. Wilderness as Soul Guide. Soul Medicine. Spirit Guided. Inspirited, Living Land. Wild Earth. Plant Teachers. Animal Wisdom. Nature Communion & Communication.Everyday Sacred. Traditional Earth Skills. Elemental. Earth Medicine. Ceremony. Journey.

Join Sacred Wildness for a FREE week of the sacred and wild: practices, simple meditations, and rituals to honor the Wildness within you and around you.

When you join in for #sacredwildweek you get six activities, one sent to you daily in your email for the week, and a free E-book “Four Paths for Reconnecting to Sacred Wildness” to go even deeper in your work of Soul Rewilding. You can also find daily prompts and sharing on Instagram with #sacredwildweek, and even share your own explorations with the Sacred Wild Community.  Or join the Sacred Wildness Facebook Community.

Join in, sign up for #sacredwildweek!  

Get the daily prompts for #sacredwildweek!  Email or on Instagram

2016-12-09-12-14-36Get info sent to you on Wild Soul | Sacred Life mentorship to go even more profoundly into your discovery of your innate wild soul, connection with nature, sacred living everyday &  rewilding the body.  Find out more!

Join Sacred Wildness for a week in the forest this March!  Wild Soul Wilderness Journey is this March 22-26, in the Gila Wilderness, NM!

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