The blood of our wild ancestors…

The blood of our wildest & most ancient ancestors runs through our veins as well- all their gifts, hidden or manifest, and their wounds, known or unknown. It is our soul work to bring forth from the shadow lands; the wounds, transforming them into medicine for our community and descendants- and the gifts, reclaiming their power and healing for the future.  As we approach shadow time and the day of the dead/all souls day, now is the time to begin to connect with and honor those ancestors- ancient and recent- who are ready to help us do this deep and transformative work.

• Create an altar to your ancestors, it matters not if you have names, dates or photos. Bring in elements of your ancestral lineages – bring your intention for healing and wholeness.

• Journey with the help of a drum or rattle to connect with a helping ancestral spirit who is fully healed and has gifts and guidance for you.

• Pay close attention to dreams in which family members or ancestors may appear to you, revealing part of the gifts or the wounds needing your attention.

#sacredwildness #souljourney #sacredwildsoul #whistlingstone #ancestors #healing #transformation #transmutation #dayofthedead

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