Practicing timelessness and trust

the universe is funny…. the way plant allies call you, show up, in the perfect moment, as if on cue when you need them. and the way visions are planted, like a seed, and take the time it takes to germinate, and then grow. one of the biggest lessons i am learning in life is the fluid and sacred nature of time. timelessnessWe spend so much of our lives feeling hurried and stressed and that there isn’t enough time, meeting all the deadlines, feeling the tick tock of our lives moving, seemingly ever faster, hurrying to get there “now”, trying to force something to happen, or show up in our lives when and how we want it. But there really is enough time, and the slower I learn to move in my life, and more space I create, (usually be letting go of something, a task, project, attatchment or plan), the more things arrive in the perfect moment and way. life is magic. do you know that? letting go feels like hell sometimes, but so far, letting go has created more magic in my life that anything else. I am practicing every day.

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