Turn left here….

Signs & omens from nature are a form of communication and deep soul connection with the environment around you and your inner wisdom. Today I woke at dawn and felt drawn to wandering for a couple of hours, contemplating all the big changes around the corner of my life journey.omen

The silent confirmation of natures gifts hasn’t ever failed me. This feather lay beneath two juniper trees off my trail,I may not have even seen it, but for providence of spirit and awareness as I paid attention with full intention to the land. I walked over to figure out what the flash of white I passed was. I fell to my knees and wept some more. All the confirmation I need that my choices are leading me in the direction I need to go. Deep gratitude to the spirits of this land who called me here. Do you have unmissable signs you receive from nature? Feathers are always it for me…
.#omens #signs #naturewisdom #earthmedicine#sacredwildness #sacredwild #whistlingstone#souljourney #sacredwildsoul

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