Ten Things I Learned Living in a Tent for a Month with 15 Loving Strangers

photo by Joseph Angelo Lazenka

Ten Things I Learned Living in a Tent for a Month with 15 Loving Strangers
1. Self care is non negotiable
2.intimacy is created by allowing yourself to be truly seen and being truly seen is one of the scariest things we can do.
3. Everyone is a stranger until you see them – and then you see we are all basically the same.
4. We are always dying over and over again.
5. lightning is scarier than bears- more unknown and more unpredictable.
6. We are always reinventing ourselves.
7. Genuine heart based clear communication where everyone has a valued voice is the best way to resolve conflict.
8. It takes a little bit of solitude, a whole lot of gratitude, and a really loving attitude to live in the world today.
9. You really begin to meet yourself when you’re alone and hungry in the wild for a few days.
10. The right tent means everything. ( and I know because I went thru three!)

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