What is your relationship to Fire?

2017-02-10-17-40-35-1What is your relationship to fire? Fear or respect? A gift or a teacher? An ally in healing and transformation? Can you co create with the elements to build a fire? Can you tend and raise the fire with you? In the South Session of Wild Soul | Sacred Life, beginning on March 20,  we will be diving into working closely with the element of fire as a wisdom keeper, ally, & healer in our journey back to our own innate wildness and the sacred nature of wildness around us.

The South teaches us to reclaim our inner authentic wildness, and our sensate and deeply feeling connection with the Earth. Presence, authenticity, wonder, relationship, healing our stories, transformation of our wounds to medicine.

Join me in Wild Soul | Sacred Life in the South Session on March 20, 2017. A 3 month journey with fire, sacred presence & sensuality, wonder, wildness, and Nature’s wisdom.

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