Sacred Wild Week : Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit

Sunrise Meditation

adapted from Wild Mind, by Bill Plotkin
Wake early one tomorrow, or a morning when you have a little time, before sunrise, and walk (or drive if necesary) to a place where you can see the eastern sky/horizon clearly. Perhaps a nearby hilltop, or flat area with wide open vistas.
To begin, drop your consciousness into your wildness, into that part of you that is most alive, sensate, full of wonder and curiosity, and open.
Sit or stand in this place as you watch the sunrise at dawn. Allow all your senses to take in the subtle shifts in hue, temperature, sound and sensation, feeling the first rays of light kissing your skin, the sound of the crepuscular bird songs, the shift of the wind as the temperature rises. Begin to greet the sun with your whole being, making a simple gesture, movement, dance or song with your body/voice. Let any and all emotions, memories, symbols or questions arise in your awareness, speak them aloud to the rising sun, let the fullness of the sunrise, that new beginning, that miraculous turning of the Earth towards her lover, the Sun, embrace you. This is the love of spirit, of tending the well being, soul and spirit growth of one being for another. Connect deeply with that universal spiritual love that draws sun to earth and earth to greening/birthing/giving life.
Complete: Find a way to honor the place and the sunrise you experienced this morning, in an offering of some kind.
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